Before you start an online course

Before you start one of our online courses

Internet Requirements

Although our online course is not considered to require an extremely fast internet connection, we have see issues from inconsistent and unreliable connections with the FLASH components of our course.

None of the Assessments in this course require FLASH, only some of the learning material. If you experience a problem with a slide in the FLASH modules the best solution is to close the window and return to the Course Index - then relaunch the section.

To check your internet connection, go to


Up-to-date Browser
Make sure which ever browser you are using - it is up-to-date.

We recommend using Firefox for all of our courses. For help with installing Firefox - click HERE !

You can go to to get the latest version of your browser.
Flash Player
You need to have a flash player installed on your system to view some of the learning slides in this training package.
You can get the lastest version of the Flash Player here::
Here we will check if you have Javascript enabled

Your browsers Java is

To learn how to enable Javascript in your browser, go here:


Enable Pop-up windows

The last thing you need to do is enable pop-up windows

Most modern browsers will block pop-up windows as the default setting, so in order for the FLASH Training Sections to launch correctly from our training website, you will need to make sure your browser allows to open windows when it requires them.

Check out our CFT Knowledgebase Page: Enable Pop-ups for CFT's website

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