Fact Sheet FS1 Section 4 (Cross Contamination)

Fact Sheet 4: Cross Contamination

What is cross contamination?
Cross contamination occurs when bacteria and viruses are transferred from a contaminated surface toa one which is not contaminated.
The bacteria and viruses can come from people, work surfaces or equipment, and other foods.


Important Points to Prevent Cross Contamination

  • Keep raw meat and vegetables away from cooked food.
  • Keep cooked food above raw food in the refrigerator
  • Do not handle cooked food with utensils that have been used on raw food.
  • Wash your hands before using gloves, never re-use gloves.
  • After preparing raw food thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces, especially cutting boards.
  • Keep food covered to protect from dust, flies, dirt and other sources of contamination.
  • Use only food grade containers for holding food.
  • Do not re-use containers, wrap, boxes or cans designed for single use only. i.e. ice-cream containers
  • Do not use damaged or dirty utensils or equipment, i.e. cracked or chipped bowls or plates.
  • Wash hands before handling food.
  • Wash hands when changing duties.
  • Use clean dishcloths and tea-towels
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