Fact Sheet FS1 Section 6b (Reusing one-time-use items)

Fact Sheet 6b: Reusing one-time-use items

While some items should not be used with foods, others should be used only ONCE, and then for their intended purpose.

For example,

  • Plastic wrap
  • foam meat trays
  • take away containers
  • egg cartons 

have been approved for a specific use and should be considered one-time-use packaging.

Bacteria from foods that these packages once contained may remain on the packaging and thus be able to contaminate foods or even hands if reused."

Other items that were developed with the intention of single use include these four articles:

  • Single-use plastic water bottles

It is better to buy a reusable water bottle and use that instead of reusing a bottle in which water is sold. The plastic water bottles in which water is sold are intended for single service. They are hard to clean and dry and are not meant for multiple cleanings. They may not hold up under the hot water and cleansing needed to remove lipstick, etc.

  • Disposable plastic utensils, cups and containers

This category includes plastic forks, spoons and knives; plastic cups; and containers from ice cream, sour cream, dip, margarine, milk, etc. These items are not made of materials designed for repeated use or repeated cleaning with hot soap and water. Cups and containers may have edges that curl over and collect bacteria that cannot be cleaned out. These containers are developed for specific types/temperatures of foods and may not stand up to all foods, such as high acid and/or hot foods.

  • Single-use wooden items

Some wooden food-related items, such as ice cream sticks and shish kabob skewers, are intended for one-time use. If you want to reuse shish kabob sticks, buy the metal ones.

  • Lids with non-cleanable liners

Glass jars can be cleaned and reused; however you must be careful of reusing the lids. Lids with a non-cleanable liner, such as a waxed cardboard liner, should not be re-used.


Do not re-use single use items


Store, display and use single use items so they are protected from damage and contamination. 

  • disposable cutlery, e.g. plastic or wooden spoons or stirrers
  • disposable plates, mugs, cups and bowls
  • individually packaged sugars
  • individually packaged condiments, e.g. tomato sauce
  • individually packaged jams and spreads
  • individually packaged serves of coffee, tea and whitener
  • face wipes and serviettes.
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