Fact Sheet FSS Section 10a (Hazard Analysis Example)

Fact Sheet 10b : Hazard Analysis Example


Identify hazards - what could go wrong?

The identification of hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in the food handling operations of the


Hazard Analysis Example

You have cooked 20 litres of pumpkin soup, ready for tomorrow nights dinner.  Identify the steps in this process which will ensure that the soup is cooled correctly. Identify action you would take if the soup was not cooled within the required limits.


Food Process Step Process of Cooling Foods


  • Physical (p)
  • Chemical (c)
  • Biological (b)
Bacteria could grow to dangerous levels if food is not cooled within control limits (b)
Critical Control Points

2 hr/ 4 hr rule
Cooled down to 21C within 2 hrs
Cooled down to 5C in another 4 hrs

Preventative Measures

Put large quantities in smaller containers to achieve rapid cooling
Cover and label all foods being stored

Monitoring Procedures

Check that food is cooled down to 21 degrees C within 2 hrs
Check that food is cooled down to 5 degrees C in another 4 hrs

Corrective Action

Re-boil soup within 4 hours and cool correctly
Or dispose to potentially hazardous foods


Refrigerated storage Log
Cooling foods log

Recall Procedure Not Applicable 


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