Fact Sheet FSS Section 09 (Food Safety Program Requirements)

Fact Sheet 9: Food Safety Program Requirements


The Australian Food Standards Code require that food safety is maintained by a food safety program

based on HACCP principles.

Standard 3.2.1 - Food Safety Programs

 This standard enables States and Territories to require food businesses to implement a food safety program based

upon the HACCP concepts. The food safety program is to be implemented and reviewed by the food business, and

is subject to periodic audit by a suitably qualified food safety auditor.

Annual 3rd party audit for Class 1. The local council will visit and check food safety programs for class 2 premises.

The seven principles of HACCP 

1.Hazard Analysis

2.Critical Control Point Identification

3.Establishment of critical limits

4.Monitoring procedures

5.Corrective Actions

6.Record Keeping

7.Verification Procedures (review)


What is a food safety program?

 A food safety program is simply a written plan that shows what a business does to ensure that the food it sells is

safe for human consumption.


A Food Safety Program Must:

 -Systematically identify the food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur in food handling operations of the

food business

-Identify where, in a food handling operation of the food business, each hazard identified can be controlled and the

means of control

-Provide for the systematic monitoring of the means of control

-Provide for appropriate corrective action to be taken when a hazard identified is not under control

-Provide for the regular review of the program to ensure it is appropriate for the food business

-Provide for the keeping of appropriate records for the food business, including records about action taken to

ensure the business is carried on in compliance with the program

-Contain other information, relating to the control of food safety hazards, prescribed under a regulation.

 A Food Safety Program will assist you to:

• Provide safe food for customers
• Comply with Food Safety Standards
• Develop consistent procedures for employees
If your food business is taken to court over a food poisoning incident, your Food Safety Program and completed documentation - such as temperature logs or training records - can be used as evidence of your commitment to providing safe food (your duty of care).

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