My RSA role play video file is too large. What can I do?

As technology is very advanced nowadays, videos captured using smartphones in 4k/1080p are HUGE files. As a result, uploading these videos can be a hassle.  Large files can take an extensive amount of time to upload and there is a file size upload limit of 60MB. If the only camera you have available in on your smart device (iphone or android) please try and ensure the video recorded is in a lower quality so that the file size is not excessively large.

One of the simpler alternatives to recording your video assessment is using Zoom. Zoom platform is widely used by students to conduct their daily studies now as you can record any meetings or classroom learning in the Zoom session. To get started head to and sign up for a free account (if you do not already have an account). Please refer to this link to the tutorial explaining how to record your screen using zoom:

Screen recording in zoom can save the file both locally in your respective systems as a mp4 file format and in the cloud, which makes it easier to share the recordings with other individuals. Zoom optimizes these download mp4 files to save in a minimal file size. This makes It easier for you and our trainers to upload/download the files in BSNAPPS/LMS with ease.

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