Minumum Computer System Requirements for Online Training

Before you buy your online training, it is important that your computer can run our online courses.

We have two types of training:

Food Safety Courses and OLGR RSA courses  are FLASH - FREE

To run these courses you need:

  • an internet connection
  • a modern web browser
  • javascript turned on for your browser
  • a PDF viewer
The course can be viewed on both iPad and iPhone devices, but we do not recommend our courses be attempted on an iphone as the screen is considered too small to comfortably follow the course.

Read this page before you begin your training

- You have a computer running any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system capable of running a browser.
- Our courses support most current up-to-date browsers, although the flash interactions sometimes require the use of a specific browser - depending on the users Computer Operating System.
- You have a keyboard and mouse .
- Your screen resolution is set to at least 1024 x 768 and 16-bit colour.
- You have an ADSL 1.5 broadband fixed line or wireless internet connection with a speed of at least 1.5mbps (our courseware will run with ADSL 512 at 0.5mbps but may take a little longer to load). Our courses contain sound and video and will not run properly on dial-up or mobile broadband.
- Your browser pop-up blockers are turned off. 
- You have Adobe flash player 9 or later.
- Your cookies and javascript are enabled.
- You have a PDF viewer installed.
- You can open Microsoft Word documents. Get an MSWord viewer here.
- Before beginning your training it can be helpful to clear your cookies.
- It can also be helpful to clear your temporary flash files.

There may be security settings on your device that are blocking the CFT course pages from opening, if you are experiencing this please
click here

If you cannot meet these minimum system requirements, please contact CFT on support@cft.com.au  before you buy any online training. 

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