How you will be assessed

Assessment for Food Safety Training Online has two components: a series of online questions to assess your knowledge and a workplace practical skills assignment. This workplace skills assignment consists of a checklist of tasks you will need to perform and be observed by a suitably qualified 3rd party observer.

As part of the pool of evidence for assessment we require a 3rd observation of a learners practical skills.

The workplace assignment is completed on the job in a real or simulated workplace environment.

The learner is required to demonstrate everyday performance using the checklist which identifies and details what, when and how tasks were observed over several days. This assignment is designed to allow feedback directly related to the students performance against the requirements of the unit of competence.

A 3rd party observer could be a workplace supervisor or team member.  This person needs to have a formal qualification equal to or above the level of training the student is completing or have significant experience in a commercial cooking environment. The observer will be required to provide evidence such as their Food Safety Supervisor certificates or a brief resume detailing their experience in the food service industry.

The observer will be required to formally agree to participate in the evidence gathering process, and that they understand when and how to conduct the 3rd party report.

This feedback ensures performance is:

  • Valid - it reflects the unit of competence and reflects real workplace tasks.
  • Sufficient - competency is repeated, the quality and quantity of observed performance is consistent.
  • Currency - the evidence presented is conducted during the period of training.
  • Authenticity - the evidence presented is verified as the learners own work.

The CFT course assessor is available to provide guidance and information about the assignment if questions arise. The assessor may contact the person conducting the 3rd party observation when the completed assignment is received to verify what they actually observed.

The course assessor can be contacted during business hours on 1300 665 633.

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