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If you want to work serving alcohol in Victoria you must hold a Liquor Control Victoria (LCV) RSA certificate delivered by an approved training organisation.  CFT has been approved by the LCV to deliver RSA training to those working in Victoria.  See our LCV approval here. Upon completion of the Victorian RSA training we will add you to the LCV portal and issue your LCV RSA certificate.  This certificate is required for those working in alcohol service in Victoria and MUST be provided to your employer.

You can enrol here to begin your ONLINE Victorian RSA course now.


 You will need to keep your Victorian RSA up to date by doing a free refresher course every three(3) years.

How long are RSA valid for Vic?  Three (3) years.

  • CFT is a fully accredited training organisation, you can view our scope of training here.


Click here for the page on our website that explains all RSA State requirements –


Licensees and staff are subject to mandatory RSA requirements and have one month from the date they first sell, offer for sale or serve liquor on the licensed premises to complete the VCGLR approved RSA program with and approved RTO like CFT. For details on public class locations and times please contact us.

If you have a group we can come and deliver this training on site.

Completing an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) program gives participants the skills and knowledge to contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment in licensed premises.

The RSA program covers a range of topics including:

  • problems associated with excessive consumption
  • alcohol and the law
  • the question of who is responsible for RSA
  • facts about alcohol
  • improving the atmosphere of your premises
  • handling difficult customers.

The free VCGLR approved Free RSA online refresher course needs to be completed every three years.

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