Fact Sheet - Sample Internal Audit Checklist

HACCP Principle 7: Verification Procedures (review)

 Establish procedures for verifying the HACCP system is working as intended. Validation ensures that the plans do what they were designed to do; that is - they are successful in ensuring the production of safe product.

 Food businesses are required to review their food safety program on a regular basis to ensure it is still adequate for the food business. 

The person who undertakes the review should be someone familiar with the food safety program, the business’s operations and have the authority to check records and act on the outcomes.

Sample Internal Audit Checklist

How to use this checklist

This checklist is to help you to look at all aspects of your business when you are conducting your internal audit. It is a very comprehensive list and will probably include things that do not apply to your business activities. You can simply enter N/A (not applicable) for those items. You can use the list as it is or create your own list.


Under the heading Cold Storage, look at the first item, Are temperatures logged twice daily for all refrigeration units? Before you answer this question you will need to refer to your temperature records. Look at your temperature records and check that there are no gaps. Do you and your employees always remember to check the temperatures of ALL of the refrigerators?


If the answer is “NO” then you need to think why this happens? Perhaps some employees have not been trained. Maybe someone forgot . Or there might be some other reason. When you have worked out why, then you will need to work out a way to stop this from happening again. Make a note in the comments column that explains how you will prevent this from happening again. 

See the checklist attached




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